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Embracing the Wisdom of your Body

You have a body but you are not your body. You are much more than that. Nevertheless, your body is the abode of your spirit in this lifetime. It is more difficult to experience your birthright of peace and happiness when your body is tight and in pain. Physical or emotional symptoms are the body’s way of asking you to make a correction.  When aches and pains are ignored, they often escalate into disease or dysfunction.

The practice of yoga reconnects body, mind, and spirit and increases self-awareness, allowing you to initiate your journey to self-healing. Your first step toward abundant health is awareness of what’s happening now-- in all areas of your life. Physical symptoms, thoughts, emotions, and relationships are connected. Attaining vibrant, good health may involve making changes in any or all areas, and yoga will give you the knowledge to do so.

Group classes

No group classes are currently scheduled. Family needs have moved to the forefront for me for awhile. I believe that all beings experience cycles and seasons. Times of expansion and growth alternate with times of turning inward for greater rest and renewal. During this time I look forward to serving you in a whole-hearted way through scheduling individual yoga experiences and occasional workshops.

Individualized yoga instruction ($25. For 45 minutes)

New students sometimes want to explore yoga in the privacy of an individual session. This offers an opportunity to privately discuss any concerns or problems you may have with the teacher. You can also request instruction in postures targeted to a specific area of the body. Practicing these at home, increases the benefits you receive during your session. New students often feel confident enough to join a group class after experiencing an individual session.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy ($60. For 90 minutes)

This is a one-on-one, hands-on yoga session designed to help you listen to the wisdom of your body. Muscles and tissues store memories you may have consciously forgotten. The body holds on to old hurts and fears, and we often don’t understand why we can’t release them. The yoga therapist gently guides and physically supports you through a series of postures, frequently calling your attention to what’s happening in the moment- with your body, your breath and your emotions. I will assist you in dialoguing about your moment-by-moment experience. You will be empowered to discover lost parts of yourself and to release what no longer serves you. A Phoenix Rising session takes place on a large, padded floor mat in a quiet, private space and begins and ends with some quiet meditation. You will leave the session with your own unique wisdom and with a next step to carry you forward in your daily life.