Psychotherapy is by appointment at:

 Merry Coburn,LMHC, Ph.D.
728 South Avenue
at Renewing Wellness
Rochester, New York

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

PRYT is a one-on-one, yoga-based, body/mind experience shown to enhance self awareness and sense of well-being. It can be especially effective in addressing stress. In addition to these benefits, PRYT can provide you with an excellent introduction to meditation. A session lasts 60 minutes.

Call (607 382 2041) or email ( with questions, for further information or to schedule.


Many people find it easier to explore their inner life when they are active, walking in the out of doors. Nature provides a soothing container for emotions and often acts as a catalyst for awareness. One of the options I provide is meeting in a natural setting such as Highland Park where we can walk and talk rather than sitting in an office. Nature awakens our senses, touches our heart, and sometimes surfaces memories. If this is something that appeals to you, it is an option once the weather warms, generally from May till October.


SoulCollage(R) is an opportunity to mindfully engage with your inner self and create from the source. Images are powerful and filled with levels of meaning. A SoulCollage(R) workshop is a chance to allow your inherent creativity to manifest deep knowing in wondrous ways even if you consider yourself uncreative. When combined with journaling and dialog, the practice leads to surprising insights. It is a practice you can continue at home, providing a regular connection with your deep, intuitive knowing.

Sunday workshops will be offered periodically throughout the year to small groups. To see examples of SoulCollage(R) cards, go to my FaceBook page, Heartstrings SoulCollage.

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