Psychotherapy is by appointment at:

 Merry Coburn,(Ph.D.)
10 Church Street
Alfred, New York 14802


(See description below under Retreats and Workshops)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

PRYT is a one-on-one, yoga-based, body/mind experience shown to enhance self awareness and sense of well-being. It can be especially effective in addressing stress. In addition to these benefits, PRYT can provide you with an excellent introduction to meditation. A session last 75-90 minutes.

Individual yoga instruction
An individual Phoenix Rising yoga session, tailored to your unique needs and level of experience is always available. It will be scheduled in my office at 10 Church Street, Alfred..

Call (607 382 2041) or email ( with questions, for further information or to schedule.

Many Insurance plans cover up to $600. in yoga classes. If you aren't sure about your plan, phone your insurance rep

Retreats and workshops 

The Yoga of Self Awareness  Has your life become a series of "things I have to do" and recurring days of "I'm so stressed"? What would it be like to reconnect to your deepest self and to moment to moment opportunities for joy and contentment? This six session workshop series is a time to tune in to the deep wisdom of your body and share and learn from others. Each week you will experience some very simple Phoenix Rising yoga postures, notice what shows up, and then express this in collage and chalk, poems, and journaling. You will also have a chance to share your unique wisdom with others in a small group. Each workshop session builds on what came before. The classes are scheduled periodically in the greater Rochester area.  Cost of the series is $80. and can be paid in 4 installments. Request specifics via email to

Seeds of Wonder, a Workshop for Body and Soul

Seeds of Wonder will be offered on selected Sunday afternoons. This workshop will take place in one of several inspiring, natural areas in and around Rochester, NY where we will gather. Each workshop will be limited to 6 people. Participants should be able to walk comfortably for 45 minutes across wooded terrain. Along with me, your healing partners will be nature, Spirit, and occasionally another group participant. This is an opportunity to take your intention to a quiet space, walk mindfully, and observe and listen for the answers and direction Spirit presents. We will begin and end our time together outside by connecting the breath, body, and earth with simple yoga stretches.  

In those days we knew as much as we had to know in order to ask what we didn't know. Our ignorance wasn't just innocence but the foundation from which we offered ourselves the daily surprise of discovering another question, another way to uncover something mysterious, something we hadn't understood yesterday. We lived by wonder, for by wondering we were able to multiply a growing consciousness of being alive.
                                                                      --Richard Lewis, Living by Wonder

Introduction to SoulCollage(R)--Journey of the Heart, the Path to Connection.   This mini-retreat is your opportunity to mindfully engage in silence and create from the source, from what arises deep within. You will be guided to access your inner wisdom through an intuitive process of creating collage and exploring your creation more deeply through movement. This is a chance to allow your inherent creativity to manifest in wondrous ways even if you consider yourself not creative. It is a form of exploration you can continue at home after the workshop ends. Fee includes four hours with two facilitators and all materials.
$80.  This Sunday workshop will be offered from 1 pm to 5 pm in Honeoye Falls, NY on November 13, 2016. To register, email Specific location directions will be given at that time.

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